So you are ready to make the leap!  While starting a veterinary practice from scratch can seem like a daunting task, it is also one of the most rewarding experiences professionally and financially.  Apart from starting my own hospital, my firm has assisted several hospitals is various areas such as:

  •     Feasibility Research on Practice and Areas of Operation
  •     Business Plans and Market Analysis
  •     Financial Services Consulting and Lender Advice
  •     Legal Entity Selection and Formation 
  •     Assessing and Consulting on Tax Issues
  •     Assistance Obtaining Proper Permits and Compliance
  •     Assistance with Insurance Agreements and Protection
  •     Ownership and Partnership Agreements
  •     Risk Assessment and General Counsel Representation
  •     Commercial Lease Negotiation and Planning
  •     Vendor Account Setup, Negotiation, and Consultation
  •     Building and Zoning Compliance
  •     Initial Human Resource Set Up
  •     Access to Expansive Database of Proven Legal Forms
  •     Negotiation and Contracting with Building Contractors

How We Can Add Value to Your Startup Practice

We see ourselves as a strategic advantage when representing veterinary clients.  Legal input is imperative to a company's strategic decisions and having knowledgeable legal counsel with experience owning and operating a veterinary hospital can be the difference-maker in competitive markets.  We understand that there is a balance between patient health, business practices, and the legal environment, which is why our clients have consistently provided us a five-star approval rating.  We do things a different way, no more paying billable hours for phone calls, research, drafting, counseling, etc.  Whether its a membership subscription to our website or one of our retainer plans we can add value to your practice!

From start to finish we are with you the entire way with a clear goal of adding value to your practice.  Whether it is feasibility research to ensure you are starting your practice in the best area or creating a business plan and market analysis we perform many pre-incorporation services nationwide.  We work with local real estate agents to survey potential areas to open a new practice and cross reference those locations with various data for feasibility and market analysis to help you make an informed decision.  During this time we will also work with your lender to set up financing that works best with your individual financial situation.

Entity Formation

Starting a veterinary hospital requires thorough planning and there is no "one size fits all approach."  We represent practice owners in the formation of legally sound business entities and help devise business strategies to compete in the growing pet services market.  Formation of a business includes more than just entity selection (LLC, LLP, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.).  We look at many aspects of entity formation that includes trademark protection, asset protection, jurisdiction favorability, federal and state grants and incentives, taxation, and much more.

Saving Costs

Setting up the business itself is just one of many parts of getting a practice up and running.  Opening a veterinary practice can quickly turn into an expensive "wedding venture"--meaning you will receive a barrage of offers from "veterinary specific" vendors, suppliers, builders, lenders, etc.  While some of these services are very much worthwhile, others are simply a premium charge to fungible goods and services easily obtained in the marketplace.  We can help negotiate and navigate your way to savings 10's of thousands of dollars with your startup.

Starting off the Right Way

Once the business is ready to operate it is time to implement best practices to reduce risk and ensure profitability.  All of our established practices receive a "Risk Assessment Profile" that ensures legal compliance and instills best practices for the top 100 risks associated with the veterinary practice.  Our start up practices should implement these best practices from the start to create a strong practice culture and foundation.  We also provide data from our other startup practices to let you know how your practice is doing.  With legal compliance out of the way and best practices put in place you can focus on medicine and business strategy.