was founded by me, Attorney and veterinary practice owner, Anthony A. Mahan.  There is more information about me below, but the short of it is that my background and experience in entrepreneurial and small business law led me to develop a way to add value to veterinary hospitals by reducing legal risks and implementing legal best practices for more efficient management and profitability.  I am not a veterinarian nor am I a traditional lawyer--I am a small business lawyer.  My services have and always will be dedicated towards small businesses and veterinary practices in particularly.  To date more than 75% of my small business clients are veterinarian practices that subscribe to one of our veterinary specific retainer plans.  

The Story

My background in law started as a law clerk for Justice Wil Schroder on the Kentucky Supreme Court and led to an early career as a business and commercial litigation attorney. In 2014, I was awarded the honor of Top 40 Under 40 in Kentucky by the National Trial Lawyers, a professional organization composed of the top trial lawyers from each state who are younger than the age of 40.  Spending much of my time in court led me to counsel clients much like an in-house counsel on how they could either avoid lawsuits or alternatively protect the downside risks of lawsuits if necessary.  So I could spend more time counseling clients and less time with billable hours I started Mahan Law - my own law firm focusing almost exclusively on representing small businesses.  My law firm made a name for itself offering monthly flat fee in-house counsel style services to small business that would otherwise pay hourly for legal services, get insufficient advice from the internet or online form generating services, or go without legal services all together.

In 2012, my wife and I opened Riverview Animal Hospital in Northern Kentucky.  As I began to represent my own hospital, I was asked to share my advice via continuing education and legal seminars to veterinary practice owners and practice managers throughout Ohio and Kentucky.  After my seminars, several practice owners asked me to represent their hospitals similarly to the way I represented my other small business clients.  That is when I started our Veterinary Retainer Plans.

My veterinary specific representation and counseling was designed to add value to veterinary practices that were otherwise underserved by the legal industry through unaffordable legal fees or by practices not using legal services at all.  The idea behind our in-house style of representation is that making legal representation affordable and specific to the veterinary industry we can add value to our clients at an affordable flat fee price.   Just as the veterinarian's goal is to have a relationship with their clients as a means to provide better care, we want to have a relationship with veterinary practices to implement best practices for the legal health of your business.  The basis of our legal representation services are our Veterinary Retainer Plans. is Born

To better serve my growing number of veterinary clients and increased demand of veterinary specific legal resources nationwide I started to be a standalone resource for practice owners and practice managers.   Whether you subscribe to a retainer plan or just want piecemeal legal best practices to decrease risk and increase profitability you can find it here. is more than a legal website.  We are a veterinary specific resource that provides legal counseling, business counseling, coaching, industry updates, and more.  We want to see your practice be healthier and we a prepared to help.  Membership access, which is free to my veterinary retainer clients, includes access to our online resources, sample forms, video blog, and webinars.

General Practice Information

Our home office is conveniently located in Bellevue, Kentucky (less than two miles from downtown Cincinnati), and we directly represent clients in all of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Florida. However, we provide a multitude of legal counseling services nationwide and can work with other attorneys to provide our veterinary retainer plans and transition services throughout the country.  

Educational Background

Attorney, Professor, Entrepreneur, and Small Business Owner. These are the things that have shaped my way of representing clients.  Apart from being an experienced litigation attorney I am also an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurial and Business Law at Northern Kentucky University.  I started my first business when I was 26 years old, currently hold interest in four small businesses, and have helped many more clients with startups and buying/selling many types of businesses.  I hold a bachelors degree in Finance from the University of Kentucky, a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) from Northern Kentucky University, and a law degree from the University of Cincinnati.   

Work Philosophy

Respect Clients. Developing a strong attorney-client relationship is the cornerstone of success. I will strive to know your business, how it succeeds, and how I can make it better. I will listen to you, not judge you.  I will never ignore your concerns. I will communicate with you regularly and keep you up to date.

Provide Value. My clients will pay a reasonable fee for quality counseling, not fancy decor, offices, support and administrative staff, marketing materials, or junior attorney's learning time. Instead I offer business expertise, litigation and judicial clerking experience, without large firm overhead. Most importantly, you will know that I am the one working on your matter and not a support staff member or junior attorney you may find working on your matter at a large firm.

Be Efficient. I am results-driven, not fee driven. Often the most efficient means to reach a favorable result does not involve extensive problem solving and expense.  I strive to offer creative, practical, and effective solutions such as alternative dispute resolution when in the best interest of my client.  I will not over-litigate a case, engage in duplicative or wasteful services, or lose sight of a favorable result.

Provide Practical Advise. Sometimes what is right under the law is not practical for you or your business. Practical advise means finding the favorable result that fits your specific needs, in your particular circumstance. Everyone is different, and what works for one client, may not be the best advise for another client.